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From the card back: Kluszewski is one of the biggest men in the game, and it comes by his genes. His father was so strong that neighbors would ask the senior Big Klu to come over to their home to lift furniture and farm equipment with one hand. Ted is built like a moose, and he uses his Kluszewski family brawn to crush baseballs instead of lifting tractors. He pummeled 40 homers in 1953 for Cincy, and followed it up with 49 in 1954. With swatting like that an MVP award could be in his future.

  • Description: blue buildings
  • Team: Cincinnati Reds
  • Population (# Sold): 11
  • First Date Sold: 2021-10-05
  • Latest Date Sold: 2024-01-24
  • Card Status: Active
  • # Sold in past year: 5
  • Highest Auction: $ 86.00
  • Average Auction Result: $ 45.23

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