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Bill Donovan


Ty Cobb says: “Few fans realize that Bill Donovan, once the star with the Detroit club, and now the manager of a minor league team, that of Providence, pitched the last two years he was with the Tigers with his arm paining him every time he made a move to throw the ball. "Wild Bill " would wince with each delivery toward the end of a hard game in those days, yet he had more stuff than ever. Bill hurt the wing one day, and it never came back to its true shape. Still, he did not admit its condition to Jennings or any of the players on the team until he could no longer conceal his suffering from the watchful gaze of Jennings.”

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Birth Date: July 6, 1916
Birth Location: Maywood, IL
Death Date: September 25, 1997
Death Location: Maywood IL, USA
Weight: 198 lb
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Bats: R
Throws: L
Debut Date: April 19, 1942
Final Game Date: June 20, 1943
Years Played: 2
Games Played: 38
At Bats: 28
Runs: 1
Hits: 7
Doubles: 0
Triples: 0
Home Runs: 0
RBIs: 1
Stolen Bases: 0
Base on Balls: 2
Batting Average: 0.25
Position: Pitcher

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