This Great Game 1960s

Helmar continues to delight as the This Great Game franchise roars into the 1960’s! This can only be described as a startling, groundbreaking issue. This Great Game, the 1960’s takes no prisoners—every effort has been made to leave collectors in awe. This is no overstatement. Sanjay Verma, master of the gouache miniature, returns to create more of his special brand of magic with the player portraits. The front card design has been carefully crafted to have that familiar 1960’s feel—without being a stogy derivative of graphic roads thoroughly mined. Player selection is typically Helmar in that the nearly forgotten are celebrated alongside immortals. What is possible with card backs, normally designed as after-thoughts, have been completely reimagined in a way that makes them just as important as the fronts.  The formation of the backs recognizes that the 1960’s were of time of upset, re-thinking, revolt. In art we celebrated (or endured) Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, among many others. But what did we tack up on our walls? Black light posters—gaudy, bold and scandalous.  And fuzzy. They encapsulate the 60’s perfectly and Helmar is the first to ever bring this to our hobby. This series isn’t just imaginative—it is visionary!



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