d Helmar Brewing Co


Helmar L3 Cabinet

This series consists of 207 cards. Each card is sized at 9.5" x 4". This was a particularly interesting series to design and manufacture. The L3-Helmar series represents something that, to our knowledge, has never been done before. Each art card is hand assembled from sixteen different pieces that fit together perfectly. The gold sections that you see, for example, are not simply hot-stamped. They are die-cut from a special art board that has a unique finish. The closest that I can compare the finish is to that of an aged gold bordered tobacco card. The branded leather shield with a unique player figure is made from high grade genuine cow leather. The player portrait circle at top is also a separate, hand cut and applied element. This portrait is set off by nine genuine, multi-faceted crystals manufactured by the world renown Swarovski Kristall company. You may have seen the nine-foot diameter, 550-pound crystal star that Swarovski created for the Christmas tree in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza. In Helmar L3s, the Swarovski crystals are inset into the surface so that the cards can still be easily stacked.